Andy Walker

The Walker Family is Adopting!


Why We Are Adopting

We thought our little family of five was complete but God had bigger plans. About a year ago, after an event at our church, Andy saw an adopted daughter run to her dad joyfully yelling ‘Daddy!!!’ and God dropped a bomb in his heart. That night as we were driving home, Andy told Jennifer what happened and she said “actually I’ve been thinking about adoption for the past two months!” We started praying and knew we had to move forward with the calling God had put in our hearts. We’ve been chasing that calling since, and are eager to take the steps to bring our son home. If God can make room for us in His family, we can make room for a child in need in OUR family.

Why China?


The simple answer is that in praying about where we would adopt, God put China on both our hearts. Since China has relaxed its one child policy, almost all healthy children are adopted domestically within China. Now the majority of the over 400,000 children in orphanages have some sort of special need and are in need of a loving family.


How You Can Help


Because we feel called to adopt an older child, 3-4 years old, he has already been born and is most likely already in an orphanage. Disabled children are usually abandoned as infants so he may have spent his whole life in an orphanage.

Pray for our son to have strength through whatever situation has led to him being in an orphanage. Pray for his caretakers and that he will have his needs met on a daily basis.


Lets call it how it is, adoption is expensive! Adopting from China will cost around $35,000 and though there are grants available, we still know we need to raise a good chunk of that ourselves. Because of China requirements (our youngest child must be 3) we can't begin the process until March of 2019, so we want to use this waiting time wisely so we can start as soon as we are able.